Elevating MLB: Nisum’s Technological Innovations Enhance Fan Engagement

At Nisum, we’re not just playing in the minor leagues; we’re major players in transforming the sports and entertainment industries. With a proven track record of revolutionizing fan experiences from the bleachers to the box seats, we’ve stepped up to the plate to deliver some truly monumental enhancements in partnership with giants like MLB and Their existing venue designer system was running on Flash, a swing-and-miss technology that slowed down operations and limited user interaction. Our goal? To modernize the system to enhance functionality and ensure it was user-friendly and efficient, providing a seamless experience for every fan, whether they were cheering at the stadium or attending a concert. 

Before we discuss the specifics, watch our promotional video to learn firsthand how Nisum has transformed the MLB experience with cutting-edge technology solutions.

Nisum’s Triple Play: Venue Designer, Ticket Designer, and Agile Solutions

1. Venue Designer: Transforming Stadiums into Dynamic Arenas

Imagine walking into a stadium tailored for the ultimate fan experience for every game or concert. That’s the power of Nisum’s Venue Designer. We’ve transformed stadiums into versatile arenas where every event feels personally customized. Our solution included color-coded sections and seats, and flexible blocking for group reservations. Whether it’s adjusting layouts for a sold-out concert or a championship game, our Venue Designer ensures every seat in the house is the best seat in the house.

2. Ticket Designer: Personalizing Your Game Day

Our Ticket Designer technology turns the mundane task of ticket selection into an engaging, user-friendly experience. The new ticket designer tool features intuitive drag-and-drop components, making it simple to add and adjust text, labels, barcodes, coupons, and advertisements directly on the tickets. Users can easily modify text attributes, colors, fonts, alignment, and even the size and shape of the tickets to ensure every detail is perfect. Whether the ticket needs to be displayed on web browsers, mobile devices, or printed, the system is versatile enough to accommodate all formats.

3. Seating Strategy Perfected: Dynamic Seat Mapping for Every Event

The seat map report tool allowed MLB to generate detailed, PDF-formatted reports on seat availability. This capability is crucial for adjusting seating arrangements dynamically based on event type.

4. Agile Transformation: Smoothing Out the Fan Experience

When it comes to load times and user experience, our Agile solutions are the MVPs. OurAgile Framework which enables timely and efficient execution of our Dev projects, ensures that from the moment fans log on to buy a ticket, to the second they share their live experience on social media, everything runs as smoothly as a well-oiled pitch. 

5. Keeping the Game Flawless: Automated Testing and Continuous Enhancements

Beyond these specific solutions, Nisum supported MLB with ongoing bug fixes and enhancements across various platforms, ensuring that each solution not only met but exceeded expectations. To keep the ball rolling smoothly, we implemented automated testing scripts that MLB could use to ensure all systems were up and running before any code deployment.

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Join Us in the Big Leagues

Our partnership with MLB and is not just about bringing tech to stadiums; it’s about creating unforgettable moments for millions of fans. We understand that today’s fans expect more. They want faster, smoother, and more engaging experiences, and at Nisum, we deliver just that. 

Interested in seeing how our innovations can elevate your fan experience? Request your free proof of concept (POC) with us today and explore the possibilities.

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