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US tech leaders to meet in Vietnam to discuss innovation, economic growth at Horasis Asia Meeting

Several hundreds leaders in business and government will meet this December 3rd to 4th in Binh Duong New City, Vietnam at Horasis Asia Meeting to foster cooperation, impact investing, and sustainable growth in the region.

Horasis Asia Meeting, founded by Frank-Jurgen Richter, has become one of the world’s leading annual meeting of Asian business leaders and their global counterparts.

Many of the functions will be attended by high-ranking U.S. and international leaders, including multiple Ministers and representatives from some of the world’s leading organizations.

US leaders attending include:

  • George Wang, President and Chief Executive Officer, E-BI International, USA
  • Tony Lai, Co-chair, CodeX Stanford Blockchain Group, USA
  • Yurong Li, Chief Executive Officer, Lipatech, USA
  • Andrew McGregor, Director and Founder, Oomvelt Research, USA
  • Sean Noga, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Unizen, USA
  • Duncan J. McCampbell, Associate Professor, Metropolitan State University, USA, among others
  • Among others

During the two-day conference panels will be held on topics such as driving the world’s economic transformation, green city development, and Asian innovation cluster’s.

For example in one session, Asian governments are promoting private sector inclusive growth, education, environmental resilience and good governance: the results so far are positive. New, high-level plans are in place to lift the nations to a high-income status by mid-century.

How will the global economic malaise affect these plans? Which nations will succeed best, and why? Where might pitfalls lie?

The Horasis Asia Meeting has become the foremost annual meeting for Asian business leaders and their global counterparts. The event offers businesses and government officials a platform to discuss a wide range of issues related to the Asian economy.

Said Dr. Richter in an earlier interview, “It is a slow process but I believe we can prevail and help to develop a richer, more socially aware and peaceful society.”

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