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Puscar Buritica Family Office has big dreams for Latin America

This past year the Social Panorama Report found that close to 1 out of every 3 individuals in Latin America lives in poverty. Improving access to technology across Latin America has the potential to improve these poverty rates by providing stability and opportunity. 

The Puscar Buriticá Family Office, started by Michael Puscar and Johana Buritica, began as an initiative to do just this — uplift communities in the Americas. 

Michael is one of the most recognized founders in the region, having founded Yuxi Pacific, Lex Paradigm, and Oiga Technologies. He’s become a widely looked to expert in AI and machine learning. 

His foundation provides support in this area by donating computers in order to help with technical illiteracy, among other ways. By doing this, the entrepreneurs look to provide children with more opportunities in technology. 

Said Michael, “Having a computer in my childhood altered the course of my life. I cannot say it any plainer than that. So the idea is that if I can make the same change in the life of even one child, I have achieved something great.” 

Less than half of Latin Americans today have used a computer or have sufficient skills to use computers for basic professional tasks.

Technology also has the potential to influence much wider societal change across Latin America. For example, smart cities are defined as technologically connected urban areas that improve the lives of citizens through innovation and access to services such as transportation, internet and healthcare. 

Although rising urbanization is a global trend, Latin America in particular has been particularly affected. Today 80% of the population lives in cities, making it the world’s most urbanized region. Smart cities offer a way to manage this explosive growth in a sustainable way, and the approach is already being widely adopted as a result. 

Puscar Buriticá Family Office is looking to actively support the continued adoption of projects and policies that help to improve economic opportunities.

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