Following Georgetown event with SEC Commissioner Peirce, USA-UAE Alliance™ to host leading blockchain conference in Dubai

Dubai is poised to host one of the leading blockchain organizations, USA-UAE Alliance™, this March 6th for its Web3 event.

The USA-UAE Alliance™ combines the collective interest of the blockchain communities and impact-related investments to further a global network of economic activity that is impactful, profitable, and sustainable.

The alliance was formed by Edward Cullen of Crescite Innovation Corporation and Michael Amatulli of MVNM, with XDC Network, among others (featured article photo of Edward, Michael and SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce).

Digital assets are an important ways that Web3 is set to help both individuals and governments navigate the internet in a secure and decentralized manner that puts control back into their hands. With the technology, individuals can access important documents and files in a secure digital asset custodian wallet where the owner’s cryptographic keys are stored. 

Building the infrastructure around this will help to make digital assets a reality, and the USA-UAE Alliance™ is looking to bring the right leaders and decision-makers together to build such an environment. 

At the March conference in Dubai, in addition to discussions, the event will include speakers:

  • Matthew White, CEO, VARA
  • Rebeca Rettig, Chief Legal & Policy Officer, Polygon
  • Atul Khekade, Founder & CEO, XDC Networks 
  • Mohammad Alblooshi, CEO, DIFC Innovation 
  • Greg Johnson, NYU Professor, Digital Dollar Project 
  • Jarek Nabrzyski, Notre Dame University, Professor & Co-founder, SIMBA Chain
  • Jake Claver, Founder, Digital Ascension Group

Digital Ascension Group, a prominent digital wealth partner that provides comprehensive services to family offices, will be a premium sponsor at the event.

It’s no accident the event will be held in the UAE. While Hong Kong and Singapore compete for to be centers for blockchain, Dubai is also shaping the future of fintech and Web3.

The center’s transformation is the result of a cohesive forward-looking government vision and efforts to take the lead as a global hub for fintech and innovation.

Dubai’s ascent in the industry is often attributed to its government’s strategic initiatives and policies. Its financial ecosystem provides material advantages due to its strategic location, favorable regulatory climate, entrepreneurial ecosystem and investor networks.

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