NOOZ.AI is coming to the web

AI startup NOOZ.AI has announced it’s now on the web. Traditionally a mobile app that’s using AI and machine learning to detect bias in the media, this service can now be accessed via browsers.

The company’s web version is be available via any browser, providing users the ability to explore media influence through personalized scoring and bias detection systems.

The startup, an AI-driven news aggregator that analyzes the news using natural language processing and machine learning to empower readers, was founded in 2022.

The startup’s scoring system now consists of:

  • NOOZSCORE, the overall amount of persuasive language
  • NOOZMETRICS, sentiment, propaganda, opinion, revisions, and ghost edits analysis, and
  • NOOZREACTION, which offers a more relatable interpretation of the previous ratings in the form of illustrations and idioms.

Garry Paxinos, CTO at the tech enterprise, said in a company statement, “Biased reporting is a major concern in today’s society. Misinformation is the most commonly (mis)used buzzword. But the reality is that language itself can be used to manipulate and persuade the casual reader.”

“By objectively analyzing language, we avoid the subjective bias found in other approaches. As opposed to subjectively labeling misinformation, our approach is to illuminate how one can be manipulated with exaggerated headlines, revision history, and text of articles.”

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