Finta: Helping Founders Raise Their Next Round of Funding

In the first three quarters of 2023, global funding for founders reached $221 billion, marking a 42% decline year-over-year.

This new normal has much less capital to go around.

While bootstrapping and cost-reduction plans were effective stop-gap solutions when VC funding first began to dry up, the latest data highlights why this isn’t sustainable — changes need to occur for founders, with increasingly AI being used to help raise funding. 

Finta was launched by investor Kevin Siskar, an investor with a portfolio of more than 160 startups, to help founders better raise their next round of funding.

The platform is powered with its own AI GPT system and a CRM interface with intelligent features. By automating the fundraising workflow from end to end, founders can spend more time on building better investor relationships. 

With the platform:

  • A CRM is provided with automation at its core
  • Support is provided to drive your funnel forward with AI personalized email scripts
  • Finta’s AI automatically uses your deal information to prospect the best investors for your company’s offering

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