Foothold goes live, offering investment opportunities in vacation properties from just $200, a real estate crowdfunding platform for investing in unique hotels and glamping spaces, last week announced the public launch of its product. Its move out of beta is set to help make real estate investment opportunities accessible for accredited and non-accredited investors.

Many individuals aspire to invest in real estate but the large amounts of capital and industry expertise typically required act as a major barrier to entry. Equally, real estate developers and architects need to raise substantial investment capital to get new projects off the ground despite significant global demand for short-term rentals. 

Foothold aims to help more people get on the property ladder by allowing individuals to quickly invest in short-term vacation properties with as little as $200. Investors can receive exclusive access to hotels and glamping spaces with unique architectural designs at a significantly discounted rate. At the same time, developers and architects can crowdsource funding for their projects. 

“Our long-term vision is to create a solution to help real estate developers and architects in securing funding to turn their visions into reality. We collaborate with them to create unique short-term rentals with the potential to captivate Airbnb users,” said German Rimoldi, Co-founder of Foothold.

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Developers and architects hoping to crowdsource funding in partnership with Foothold first need to complete compliance with the SEC and finalize the development of an online platform to process investments. This makes it possible for both accredited and non-accredited investors to purchase equity through Foothold’s property offerings in a secure and seamless process. Individual investors make a direct purchase through Foothold’s LLC which makes them eligible to receive quarterly payouts from booking income, any appreciations in property value and access to discounted vacations.

The global short-term rental market is currently valued at $109BN and boasts a compound annual growth rate of 11.2% until 2030. With current interest rates and soaring inflation of consumer prices, fractional investment of a vacation property offers an extremely valuable investment opportunity and an additional income stream that can reduce tax bills for young professionals. will officially be available to the public from November 13th, 2023 after which aspiring investors will have the chance to purchase equity in standout vacation properties. The company is also seeking hospitality and glamping space developers in the US with the aim of offering the platform to local investors starting in 2024.

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