trackd secures $3.35MM seed funding to revolutionize vulnerability remediation in the cybersecurity market

Cybersecurity startup trackd announced that it has secured $3.35MM in seed funding to launch its groundbreaking approach to vulnerability remediation in the cybersecurity community in 2023. Leveraging the collective experience of security and IT teams, trackd’s unified vulnerability and patch management platform automates remediation without fear of disruption, overcoming the psychological barrier of patching fears that have persisted from the early days of cybersecurity. Flybridge led the seed round, with participation from Lerer Hippeau, SaaS Ventures, and Expa.

“Innovation in vulnerability management has been stagnant for a decade, but trackd is disrupting the status quo with a solution that can significantly impact remediation timeframes,” said Geoff Gilton, SVP of Technology at Service Credit Union, an early adopter and design partner. “We’re thrilled to be part of bringing this technology to the infosec community.”

trackd’s unique patching experience data forms the core of its platform, recording and anonymizing the real-world, real-time patching experiences of users. This data enables vulnerability remediation teams to make informed decisions, avoiding disruptive patches and speeding up remediation with confidence. With trackd, organizations can reduce their cyber risk by patching vulnerabilities quickly and efficiently, overcoming resource constraints and fear of disruption.

“Vulnerability remediation teams have been flying blind until now, relying on gut feel or luck. trackd is providing the much-needed visibility and automation in the vulnerability management space,” added Stel Valavanis, CEO of onShore Security, another early adopter of trackd. “We’re eager to deploy this innovative solution.”

Founded by ex-NSA engineer and experienced startup leader Mike Starr, trackd comprises a team of seasoned systems developers, security practitioners, and machine learning engineers. The company is currently recruiting beta customers, and interested enterprises can join the program at

“trackd stood out to us due to its unique founder with domain expertise and its truly original and innovative solution to vulnerability remediation,” said Chip Hazard, General Partner at Flybridge, the lead investor in the seed round. “Patching vulnerabilities quickly is the most effective way to reduce cyber risk, and trackd is making that a practical reality.”

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