Entrepreneurs Cullen, Claver to address Web3 at Bar Association event

The New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) is set to host a virtual event on the future of digital currencies, featuring entrepreneur Edward Cullen and investor Jake Claver as speakers, focusing on legal and investor insights for the creation of new Web3 companies.

Scheduled for April 4th, the event will be held from 2pm-4pm EST and will see Cullen deliver remarks alongside Jake Claver, Rick Tapia, and Matt Feinberg on developing a Web3 company.

The Task Force on Emerging Digital Finance and Currency from NYSBA studies the legal issues and questions surrounding the expansion and regulation of digital finance in the state of New York.

The organization’s review includes the development of best practices for lawyers representing matters in these areas, and the proposal of policy recommendations to relevant regulatory bodies in the field.

The event will also feature Sherry Levin Wallach and Meg Strickler, who will discuss how individuals can protect their NFTs from AI.

Jason Shwartz, Jacqueline Drohan and Howard Fisher will also speak on a session on the taxation and regulatory framework around digital assets.

The adoption of decentralized digital systems and the future of the industry is being realized thanks to a number of important tech leaders. Edward Cullen, CEO of Crescite, is part of this movement. 

Cullen is a startup ecosystem builder based in New York responsible for founding Crescite, the startup that puts sovereignty and control back into the hands of organizations with a social cause. Prior to this, he was the Director of Fordham University’s incubator program. He also led operations for Grand Central Tech – one of NYC’s leading incubators – and worked with President Biden’s presidential campaign and later ran for Mayor of NYC. 

Claver is a Web3 investor and strategic consultant who helps organizations reach their full potential and drives success by helping business leaders make calculated and well-informed decisions.

The New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) has been the voice of the legal profession in New York State for more than 140 years. Its mission is to shape the development of law, educate and inform the public, and respond to the demands of an ever changing legal profession.

NYSBA advocates for state and federal legislation and works to promote equal access to justice. 

Featured photo of Edward Cullen

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