Mission-driven startup launches crowdfunding campaign to combat hunger

In a nation where snacking has become a way of life, it’s disheartening to know that over 34 million Americans, including 9 million children, still struggle with hunger. But what if each snack we enjoyed could contribute to ending this crisis? 

With the launch of their equity crowdfunding campaign, Nunbelievable is inviting like-minded individuals to join them on their transformative journey. The campaign offers an equity discount and enticing incentives for the initial $200K raised, making it an attractive opportunity for socially conscious investors.

Through strategic partnerships with esteemed non-profit organizations, Nunbelievable has already made significant strides in the fight against hunger. Their unwavering dedication has resulted in the provision of nearly 2 million meals to those in need. However, they recognize that there is still much work to be done. By harnessing the power of equity crowdfunding, Nunbelievable aims to amplify their impact, raise awareness about food insecurity, and reshape the snack industry into a force for positive change.

Bryan Janeczko, the co-founder of Nunbelievable, emphasizes the potential of businesses to create social impact when harnessed correctly. He states, “Business can be a powerful instrument for creating social impact if we use it correctly.” Through their crowdfunding campaign, Nunbelievable not only aims to raise awareness but also strives to offer investment opportunities to retail investors, particularly their loyal customers.

One of their key partnerships is with Feeding America, a leading non-profit organization. For every cookie sold, Nunbelievable ensures that a meal is donated to someone in need, a powerful initiative that not only provides sustenance but also brings attention to the pressing issue of food insecurity nationwide.

The seed round of Nunbelievable has already garnered support from a diverse group of investors, including notable figures such as Michael Loeb, Idealab X, Family Fund, and Tony Robbins. Additionally, the company has forged partnerships with prominent entities like Mondelez SnackFuture CoLab 2022, Gopuff’s “Put Me On” Accelerator, and Green Spoon National Sales Broker.

Their cookies are currently available in over 1500 retail stores nationwide and can also be purchased through e-commerce platforms like Amazon.

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